Gunny Sack Racing

From: $50.00

Gunny Sack Racing party rentals are exciting for all ages. Create competitions for Individual Sack Races, Relay Races, Three-Legged Races and Team Sack Races. Add different variations to each type of competition by adding obstacles or mixing age groups. Gunny Sack Racing is perfect for birthday parties, school events, sport venues, corporate events, festivals/fairs, church events or any place where fun is the priority.

Dimensions: W 2.4′ L 3.50′ H .10′ (Space Requirements)
Ages: All Ages
Rider Capacity: 2 Legs Per Gunny Sack

*Requires 5ft of clearance from all fixed objects.


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The base fee includes 6 hours of rental time. Need more? Just add as many hours as you need!