Soccer Shootout

From: $215.00

Our Soccer Shootout is huge and is an exciting interactive party game and challenging for people of all ages, a true center piece to your next big event. Each player gets three soccer balls to make goals with. Kick the soccer balls through holes at each goalie to score on your opponent. Each goal transfers the ball to your opponent’s lane. The first player to make all of their soccer balls and any of their opponent’s transferred balls wins! Set a 30 to 60 second time limit to increase excitement. The player with the least amount of soccer balls on their side as time expires wins. This game is perfect for your fundraiser, carnival, birthday party, church event and corporate event.

Dimensions: W 14′ L 19′ H 16′
Rain Panels: No
Ages: All Ages

*Requires 5ft of clearance from all fixed objects.

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